01. Colin and his wife Joan [separated] a couple of months ago, and are now planning on getting a divorce.
02. The children have found their parents' [separation] very difficult to deal with.
03. We travelled [separately] to India from Europe, but then met up in Bombay.
04. Excuse me, waitress, could we have [separate] bills, please?
05. The bathroom is [separate] from the bedroom.
06. They [separated] once they were downtown, but agreed to meet later.
07. Jules Pfeiffer once said that it is not size or age that [separates] children from adults - it is responsibility.
08. There is a Blackfoot Indian proverb which observes that life is not [separate] from death; it only looks that way.
09. A violin contains about 70 [separate] pieces of wood.
10. In 1060, a coin shaped like a clover was minted in England; the user could break off any of the four leaves, and use them as [separate] pieces of currency.
11. The United States and Mexico are [separated] by the River Grande.
12. White lines on the road are used to [separate] lanes of traffic moving in the same direction.
13. Scientists believe the islands of Trinidad and Tobago [separated] from the South American continent about 10,000 years ago.
14. In November of 1992, the government of Czechoslovakia voted to split the country into [separate] Czech and Slovak republics as of January 1, 1993.
15. The [separation] of the Prince and the Princess of Wales was announced to the public in December of 1992.
16. Unable to take the north of Britain by force, the Romans [separated] it from the south by a great wall of stone.
17. Voodoo is an [inseparable] part of Haitian art, literature, music and film.
18. A Turkish proverb notes that when two hearts are one, no king can [separate] them.
19. The province of Quebec has elected a [separatist] government which hopes to lead the province out of Canada.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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